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What is Perky Marketing?

I am a social media freelancer based in the heart of Cardiff.

My goal is to manage and grow your social media to an expert standard, increasing engagements, likes and followers in the process.

Always looking for innovative new ways to grow online presence to make your social media stand out.

Perky Marketing takes over your social media so you don’t have to. Using my expertise, I will post on all your social media channels, what you want, as much as you want.  Don’t have social media? No problem, I can set up the pages for you.

Perky will tailor your social media accounts to your business, making sure your posts are relevant, directed to your target market as well as interesting. I will then track these posts, discovering what works best for your business, using this information to optimise and maximise the potential. Social media management is my thing, let me take care of it for you.

What I Do

Why am I so special?

So if a dragon and a penguin both set up a social media profile will both accounts be similar?

Well no. Other companies have the same generic set up for all their social media clients, using the same types of posts over and over again to achieve mass post volume. You get lost in their client list, with little or no contact. The beauty of being a freelancer is being able to offer a personal touch, it’s underestimated but that’s what social media is about. I find out the details of your business such as your demographic, goals, personality of your business etc. Then set up a plan which is tailored to the business.

Social Media Management Process


Getting to know you

I research your company and target market, because everyone is unique



Discovering the best time to post, allowing every post to reach maximum potential

The Goal

What’s the objective? What do you want to achieve?


Tweak future posts with information gained, achieving the potential

I'm on it

Time to get going. Posting interesting, creative content

Discover new followers

My proven system allows me to discover new followers and get a conversation going


Track Progress

Tracking the progress of your posts, capturing the key infomation


 Your social media is now optomised, as I continue to post the best content, at the right time


Percentage of Internet Users on Facebook


Percentage of Customers who use Social Media as a Buying Process


Percentage of Young Adults (18-29) who use Social Media


Percentage of Twitter users that use it at Least Once a Day

Amazing social media management is just a click away....then a few more clicks


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