So social media marketing, even though you may be thinking, well, this is going to be biassed. You’re right. But, social media is now an essential part of every business and millions of companies can’t be wrong can they? But anyway, here’s why your business should use social media marketing.

  1. It’s FREE – Well kinda, you have to pay for your internet and device but you should have that anyway. If not, how are you reading this? Also, if you want to reach a larger audience you will have to pay for ads, especially on Facebook. They’re all about the adverts now. Apart from that, you can post until your hearts content.
  2. Everyone’s on it – Well not everyone, but a large amount of people are on some sort of social media, especially 16-30 year olds. It’s a great way to reach your audience and grow brand awareness for your company.
  3. Raises your customer service game – Communicate with stakeholders with ease and with speed. Social media makes your business more approachable, younger generations will happily communicate or complain about your business through social media. That may sound like a bad thing, but you can resolve these issues quickly and make your business a more approachable brand.
  4. MORE SALES – Bet this one perks you up. As you grow brand awareness and followers on you social media account, customers will then look on your website and then POW a sale. Or you post blogs and links to your website, the customer likes the interesting content and clicks to see more, it takes them to your website, they like what they see and then POW a sale.
  5.  Target market insight – Who are your followers? What are the talking about? How am I perceived? Social media answers these questions and more. Once you become savvy with your social media account you can use it to answer these questions and optimise your posts.
  6. It’s the future Marty – Social media, be it Facebook or Skynet it’s here to stay and it’s only going to grow as generation z does.

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