Emojis, we see them everywhere, be it on social media or through text messaging. But how can brands use emojis? How have previous brands used emojis? With brands trying to communicate to generation z and with society using mobiles more than ever we are seeing this new language more and more.  Time to talk everything emoji.

Trip down memory lane

Brands have been using emojis in their advertising to infiltrate mobile phones and communicate with their target market. They are a break from the standard, boring, text, making it a good way for a brand to stand out in the sea of social media. Here are a few examples of brands using emojis.

Dominos making the most out of the pizza emoji when it went nuts on Twitter, posting a series of confusing tweets with just emojis. As confusing as it was it did get a large response with other high profile brands engaging with these tweets. Check out the article on it here

Twitter - Dominos Pizza Emoji

Mcdonalds used emojis alongside the good times campaign. This campaign went well but many billboards were sabotaged with a sick emoji at the end, always happens to Mcdonalds.

McDonalds - Emoji Advertising Board

Budlight used this emoji campaign to celebrate the 4th of July, as you can see this clever use of emojis went down very well.

Twitter - Bud Light Emoji

Why get involved?

  1. They’re mobile friendly – Everything needs to be mobile friendly, Google loves a mobile friendly website and we as a society use our mobiles often for web browsing and social media use. With ease anyone can use their mobile to type an emoji and view others.
  2. Expressions – When you talk to someone do you take with a straight face? Well if you do it’s
  3. weird. Emojis are good way to add expressions to your convo or post, the reader can see the tone of the message and it’s just more fun. Emotion is a powerful marketing tool and these little faces can help.
  4. Images improve engagement – It’s a proven fact that photos included in a Facebook or Twitter post increases engagement and draws attention to that post. Emojis are a good way to liven up your post, making it a more interesting read. Silly we know.


The problem...

Brands have to be careful with emojis, some are interpreted differently. As a brand, you don’t want to launch a huge campaign and offend someone, if you’re not sure then don’t do it. Also, don’t just put in for the sake of it, otherwise it looks stupid and tacky. Que mess up…

Twitter - House of Fraser Emoji

Just a massive overuse of unnecessary emojis which doesn’t link with the brand at all. It looks like the writer read an article on emoji marketing and just went full into it without understanding why he/she was using them. Yes, this campaign gained awareness (Any One Direction related tweet would) but at what cost? House of Fraser is a brand with certain values and I don’t think this matches that.

How can your business get it right? 

  1. Make sure the emoji is relevant
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Don’t write your emojis as code, people haven’t got time for that
  4. Don’t overkill it
  5. Make sure it can’t be misinterpreted
  6. Don’t put for the sake of it
  7. Always test first

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