How to Survive the Facebook Algorithm Minefield

It’s been there for a while now but the Facebook algorithm is still the source of many people’s frustration when posting on Facebook. We start with a brief overview on the algorithm, then moving on to a few tips which can help you out.

Social Media For Teenagers

Back in the Day When I was a young teenager my favourite social media outlet was Bebo, remember that? It was a good way to express yourself and communicate with your friends/ people in your school. Along with MSN you could...

Twitter – Can it come back?

Twitter is in decline, in a period where it faces very strong competition for users. Twitter abuse, Live streaming and Twitter ads, where is the company going wrong? How can it improve?

How to use Twitter Ads

Twitter ads, an underestimated social media tool. We will tell you how to optimise and how to use Twitter ads effectively to achieve social media supremacy.

Increase Twitter Followers

How to increase twitter followers, likes, retweets and general engagement is a regular social media question. Learn how to do all this for free.

All things Emoji

Digital marketers, social media enthusiasts and smartphone wielders are using emojis on a day to day basis, but when is a good time to use them in your marketing campaign?

The Evolution of Social Media

 If you were born post-1998 then social media has been around your whole life. The chances are we've all had a social media account with a company that doesn't exist anymore. But what happened to these pages? Why did we...

Online Marketing and WWE

Online marketing is a big tool in WWE’s arsenal. They are a big draw online but why? What makes them special? This blog finds out.

Biggest Digital Media Fails

Every company knows that they need digital media, the biggest companies spend thousands and sometimes millions on digital media. But this doesn't stop some big fails, showing that we're all human. Blackberry - Back in 2014...

6 Reasons to use Social Media Marketing

So social media marketing, even though you may be thinking, well, this is going to be biassed. You're right. But, social media is now an essential part of every business and millions of companies can't be wrong can they?...

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