10 excellent blog types

Blogging, is a great way to improve your SEO but what are the types of blogs? This list will hopefully get you inspired and on the right track.

Get blogging

So blogging. Sounds like a lot of effort doesn't it? Well, it's worth it and here's why.... Search engines ❤️ content - Blog content is great for SEO, with good content helping you up that search engine ladder....

Why your business should be live tweeting

Live tweeting is like you every day tweet but in real time, as it's happening. It's like a constant news stream for events. What can it do? - It can drive engagement with people at the event or even better with...


Periscope, is all over your Twitter feed but what is Periscope? Live streaming is becoming more and more popular and this app is becoming the place to do it


Perky Marketing is now live! We are proud to announce that the most awesome new social media firm in Cardiff is now ready to go. We are expecting big things this coming year (optimistic we know) and hope that...

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