Videos on social media are becoming the main focus for companies like Twitter and Facebook, with their algorithm changing this year to focus on these types of posts. Facebook especially wants engaging, original and interesting content, this can be achieved by long articles or video. We are going to focus on video as this is can be less time consuming, millennials especially are more likely to view a video rather than read a long article. Videos on social media can be achieved through live (Read why you should be using live) or pre-made, generated content. This type of content may sound expensive but it can be made professionally, with a small budget. This new algorithm has made video more visible on social media, but to really optimise and get great ROI, use a few of these 10 tips.

5 Effective Types of Video Posts
  1. Promote – We all want to provide a wide range of content for our pages, but the end goal is usually to promote your product/service. Video is a great way to make these dull posts interesting for an audience, especially a creative and original one which is shareable across social media. Anyone can spend two minutes on a sales post, but a video can show the value of the product and your social media activity.
  2. Tease – Got a new product? Want to get a buzz? A sharp, quality video will help get an audience interested in your new product. We see these videos all the time, it gets the brand advocate buzzing for the launch and gets the average person intrigued in the product as well as interested in the brand. We mainly see them for movies, but why not for a product? Try to evoke the same emotions we receive when we see a teaser trailer. Terminator 2 had a great teaser, check it out.
  3. Launch – The perfect example of this is the iPhone 7. I personally didn’t watch the live presentation or ever do with tech products. But then the next day I see this video on social media which drew me in, it was a short 2-minute video on the iPhone and what went on in the launch. It was short, snappy and shareable, exactly what you want with a social media video. It also led me to tell people to watch, not just from a marketing perspective but as general interest for the product and the brand. The point I’m making is from just 1 social media video, with a product which had little interest to me, led me to become a user.
  4. Inform – A video can demonstrate what your product does, or even how to use it. This may seem on the face of it to not be very beneficial, but it can be a really great way to retain audiences and help people understand your product. For example, a tech company launches a product which is difficult for some users to understand. A simple, easy to view video can abolish the doubts of the consumer and bring them round to one day buying your product. Another small but beneficial niche is the silver surfer market, they are on the internet and may have money to spend. A product how to would go a really long way with them,
  5. Involvement – Getting brand advocates to film a short video can be a great way to engage as well as produce exciting, fresh video content for your business. GoPro does this often as they receive adrenalin filled videos from users, who film on their go pro as they do various sporting activities. One of my clients is running a competition to encourage societies to film promo vids for the brand, with the best winning a large prize for their society. This will hopefully produce great content and get students/societies to be involved with the brand during freshers and the coming year.
5 Ways to Make These Effective

6. Plan – Before you do anything, think of the final achievement. It’s easy to get carried away with a really cool idea but when it comes down to it, is it going to achieve your set goal? That’s why planning is always essential, it makes it easier to do the next point also.

7. Track – Now you know your set goal it’s essential to track the progress, this goes without saying for any type of social media post. It’s hard to predict if any social media post is going to generate the success you want, but if your video is related to your goals and stands out then you have a good chance. But this isn’t always the case, if you promote the video and it doesn’t achieve it’s target statistics then don’t do it again, learn from mistakes and try something new.

8. Audience – Again, it goes without saying but it’s sometimes forgotten about. You see a cool type of video and you forget about what your audience wants. Market research will sort this, look at the type of videos your target market engages with, then try to put your own spin on that video.

9. Video type – Thanks to the internet you can get various types of original, cool videos for a very low price, look out for the next blog on video types for business. There are may types and ways to spin to make these videos stand out and relevant to your brand.

10. Storytelling – We as humans and internet users love a story. The trick to marketing is to bring some sort of emotion, storytelling does this perfectly. From that emotion, it brings a bond to the brand and a reason to follow, share and like your social media page, from that they and others can become brand advocates. It’s a perfect world knock on effect but you never know, it could lead to that with a push in that direction. Storytelling through video also gives a user a reason to watch in full which makes it more likely for them to engage. Once you start watching an interesting story it’s hard to turn away as you usually want to see the ending. That’s exactly what you want with a video, a linear story which has a conclusion. It draws people in and encourages to watch in full. Perfect.


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