One of the most asked questions is how to increase Twitter followers as well as how to increase likes, retweets and engagement. Social media is like a game of chess, with many intricate moves to achive the overall goal, this blog is going to tell you about these moves so you can beat social media and optimise your Twitter.

#Hashtags – These are as important as ever in the world of Twitter. Hashtags allow you to define the topic of your post and define your location, the people who are going to be searching those hashtags are then going to be relevant to your target market. It’s best to do some research on the hashtags which are relevant to you is a great tool to use for this.

Trending topics – Before you check this make sure the trending section of the page (see below) is targeted to your location and who you follow. increase twitter followersIt makes sure the topics are relevant to your business, so it’s worth talking about it. Talking about these topics is a great way to increase engagement as more accounts similar to yours will be using and searching similar hashtags.

Post Tweets – This may seem obvious but keep posting on your account. We recommend 2-3 times a day on Twitter, after the 3rd it starts to get spammy with followers potentially getting annoyed and unfollowing. So it’s essential to post the right balance. This Buffer blog gives more in-depth information on how often to post on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Follow companies – Follow companies in your area to start off with and then expand. Twitter limits the amount of followers per day so don’t go too mad. This is an easy way to increase twitter followers and improve local connections, with many companies reciprocating the follow.

Engage with companies – Once you have followed a company, engage with them through a retweet, a reply or even a like. It strengthens the relationship of the follower or makes the company who hasn’t followed back more aware of your presence. This is a time-consuming method but will help increase Twitter follows, likes and engagements.

Best time to Tweet – There’s no point in Tweeting if your audience isn’t online. Find the times when your audience is online and then post at those peak times. I use a programme called audiense which has many social media tools but it’s most useful is the weekly report which provides an hour by hour record of follower activity. This method is a great way to ensure every tweet has the best chance of engagement.

increase twitter followers

Content – Again this may seem obvious but post interesting and relevant content to your business. Keep it new and fresh, making sure your daily tweets are varied e.g. don’t just post sales tweets. This is how you retain followers, which leads to engagement with new followers coming after.


I do not recommend buying followers on the internet. It’s a lazy way to increase twitter followers and will not work in the long run. Your businesses credibility will be affected as everyone who does it always gets found out.  Also, numbers aren’t everything, yeah it may look good to have thousands of followers but this will lead to zero engagement and zero influence in your target area/market. Effectively this makes your Twitter account useless.

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I hope these tips help increase your Twitter followers and engagements. There are many other ways to take your account to the next step, but we aren’t going to bore you with that. If you want your Twitter optimised to the next level then let the professionals take over. With our experience and knowledge we can manage your account to perfection. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like a quote.

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