YouTube is the biggest video sharing site with the statistics to back it up. This website has a billion users which means a third of internet users visit the site. These kinds of stats are staggering, the potential market is huge and every business needs to consider using this site (If it’s relevant) to help grow its overall online presence. In this blog we are going to help your business increase YouTube subscribers and increase YouTube views. These are the only effective tips you need!

  1. Title Length – Make sure you video title is 50 characters or less. You have to think how it looks to a user who searchers your page, would you click on a video with an unnecessarily long title? Keeping it 50 characters or less makes it look cleaner and gives the user the full title without cutting it off.
  2. Keywords – Keywords are an essential part of YoutTube and Google searches. Find out what keywords are best for your videos and then use them in your video title, channel section and bio. Use Google’s keyword planner to find out your keywords. Even better, discover the longtail keywords to get the niche market, a good way to get subscribers. Beware! Don’t cram keywords for no reason, it could do more harm than help.
  3. Regular content – Again, like standard SEO, uploading regular and interesting content is essential. Even better, post on a regular time and day of the week. Youtubers like routine, it makes it easier to follow a page knowing when it’s going to post.
  4. Post on social media – When you upload a new video, share it! Post on all of your social media channels and encourage your follows to check out the video. If you need to grow your social media follows then check out our other blogs.
  5. Call to action – Sometimes people need a push, include a call to action at the end of your videos, encouraging the viewer to like, comment or subscribe to your page.
  6. Website – Embed videos into your website so your audience can quickly and easily view your video. Also, add a youtube widget to your site, it gives the user the easy option to check out your channel.
  7. Engage with your audience – Reply to all the comments on your video, it makes it seem that you are listening and involved.
  8. Talk to other channels – It’s always beneficial to find related channels and ask to be mentioned on their page, then offer to do the same in return. Mutually beneficial and a great way to grow your audience.
  9. Description – Keep the video description between 300-500 words. It’s the perfect length to be detailed enough but not too long to bore anyone. Be sure to include keywords.
  10. Video length – The most successful videos are under 3 minutes long, society’s attention span is very limited.

These 10 simple tips are a good place to start, like with any digital media it takes time to build momentum. Just keep following these tips, consistently and you will be on your way to a YouTube success.

If you want the professionals to help then get in touch, we can manage your YouTube account for you, increasing your views and subscribers. All you have to do is provide the videos.

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