Instagram, you may have heard of it, if not follow this link. Businesses are using Instagram as part of their digital marketing strategy more often, so we are going to look at Instagram for business, how your business can use effectively to gain more Instagram followers and more Insta likes.

Before we start you need to know some key information about Instagram. The social media site is very popular with the younger demographic, with mainly 16-30-year-olds using the site. That age range links with the majority of users being in high school, college or university. The most followed brands on this social platform are clothing/shoe brands, with regular posts on new products and up to date styles makes these pages an appealing follow. Consider these specs of information, how is your brand going to relate to this audience and post interesting content?

Now how to optimise Instagram for business, gaining Instagram followers and Instagram likes.

  1. As a business you should know your overall demographic, I’ve spoken about Instagrams’ majority demographic and although older generations use it, they are in the few. So what does your audience look for?n Think about this before posting.
  2. As you know Instagram is all about videos and pictures. So make your page fun! Nobody is going to follow you if you post boring images all the time. Mix in sales posts with appealing content to give a reason for people to follow your page.
  3. Hashtags are an important part of Insta, they are a great way to reach audiences of a related topic and gain followers for a new page. Say you’re Perky Marketing, as a digital marketing company we post a related image and use hashtags such as #socialmedia #digitalmarketing. These hashtags help reach an audience interested in these topics, getting more likes for an image and followers to a page. Don’t just cram random hashtags in a post, you may get a few likes from it but it makes your page uncredible, not benefiting you in the long run.
  4. Follow other companies in your local area. I use a programme called which helps search pages within a specified demographic. Instagram limits the amount you follow a day so don’t go too overboard with it. Following relevant pages is usually rewarded through a refollow.
  5. Follow back. This may contradict slightly but always follow back, even if the company isn’t relevant to your demographic. It’s a gesture which usually retains your follow, retaining followers is just as important as gaining Instagram followers.
  6. Each post needs to be unique, varied and quality, no reposting or copying other brands images/post. You want people to follow your page, the only reason they will is with original content, which stands out against competitors and fellow Instagrammers.
  7. Videos are getting more and more popular, you may have noticed on other social media pages the growth of video as more and more pages post. Plus anyone can film on their phone or buy affordable recording equipment, making it easy to get involved. Just make sure it’s good quality and don’t just post if it isn’t relevant.
  8. Share your image and page on other social media platforms, it’s a great way to grow followers through a social media which is established and has many more followers.
  9. Don’t spam your follower’s timelines with continuous posts, keep a schedule and aim to post once or twice a day at most.
  10. Images of staff and behind the scenes are highly engageable, it gives your followers a sneak peek of what goes on behind closed doors, it’s easy and original content. Sales posts and quirky images are good but don’t forget about this!

Instagram for business is really important so we hope these tips help, now go on and smash your Instagram! Plus give @PerkyMarketing a follow.

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