So you’ve probably been bombarded with social media predictions already, but I’ve done the research and I’m going to take a shot at some social media predictions for 2017. If you want some more detail on my points or have your own opinion then just comment or message through any of my social media accounts. Let’s do this:

Twitter will rise like a phoenix


So Twitter is a bit stagnated at the moment. Their growth is slowing, Snapchat took over in daily users recently and their lack of updates are making the network stale. But I think 2017 is going to be it’s big comeback, be it through a big takeover or the current administration banging their heads together. Twitter still offers a USP and it’s still a popular network for businesses and especially small business, they just need to focus on what makes it great and grow that side of the business. I think (hope) a slow 2016 will be a wake-up the company and be a platform for 2017, or even better a quiet 2016 was spent developing BIG updates for 2017.

Live video will decline

This may sound stupid as I write this in a period where Facebook is massively pushing live streaming and it’s Instagram brother has just released stories. But I think the amount of people using live video will decline on Facebook towards the end of 2017. I believe this is a current trend and as Snapchat grows and Instagram’s version grows with the network, Facebooks version will decline. The premise is more suited to a younger user, which Snapchat and Instagram is known for. Having said that I think Facebook’s live video will grow on the business side with companies using it more to bring a face to a brand.

Snapchat will come to haunt the big 3 


Snapchat has overtaken Twitter is daily active users but I think it will really catch up on ‘the big 3’ (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.) Facebook and Instagram have been copying features from Snapchat all year, why would they do this if they didn’t believe it to be a threat? Snapchat has created it’s own niche and I think their unique take on social media will help the company grow in daily active users. You could say with a big company like Facebook having the same features, it will take away some market share from Insta. I don’t believe so, Snapchat’s audience is a lot younger than Facebooks and I believe it will continue this demographic growth next year.

Instagram to focus on business 

Instagram is a fast growing social network and it will continue to grow next year, there’s no doubt about that. I think it will now focus heavily on getting larger business involvement. Instagram ads have taken a big step this year and I think the company will go further to bring a greater number of active business accounts onto the platform. Be this through an advert section on their desktop site or the ability to schedule posts, I’m not sure. Currently they make this digital marketing platform a time consuming one, compared to the other social media, I would be happy if I could just schedule posts.

Linkedin to go mobile and beyond

If you do your own research with friends or colleagues you’ll find the majority will access Linkedin on the laptop/ desktop as opposed to mobile. As well you’d find they log in to the site less frequently than the other large social media sites. Linkedin doesn’t have that appeal (especially with young professionals) to scroll through a timeline while you’re on a train or waiting in line, as a company like Facebook does. We’ve started to see small, exclusive updates on the mobile LinkedIn app, encouraging us to use it more. I believe in 2017 we will see big changes to the company as well as the app to give us a better mobile experience, with more timeline updates to keep us continually checking for the next post.

Big changes to Linkedin and Facebook Groups

I think this is more likely to happen on Facebook but with the Linkedin takeover, I think it could happen on this platform. If you have a company page on either you’ll find it to be pretty limiting in terms of communication with your audience and especially other businesses. Social media is about community and without that it’s hard to establish new relationships on these platforms. Next year I am 90% sure Facebook will bring a wall for company pages, this will really step up the business side of the social network and bring more active business accounts. Twitter is known for this which is one of it’s great USP’s, I’m afraid if this update happens on Facebook or Linkedin then Twitter is going to have a hard 2017.

Thanks for reading

I hope you’ve enjoyed my predictions and I believe at least some of them will come true. Again if you have your own ideas, or disagree with my predictions then get in touch by commenting or message me on social media.




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