When Snapchat launched in 2011 I thought this would be a fad which would disappear in a few years. Embarisigly I couldn’t see the potential in this messaging app, as it’s most recent valuation is £13 billion, shows how wrong I was. So where has this value come from?

  1. Up to date content – I’m always big on this, as this is what social media is all about. Companies use Snapchat to post new and current content, such as a festival or a red carpet. Posting this type of content draws users to this Snapchat exclusive content.
  2. Short attention span – Many social media users have a short attention span, hence why video and image posts are popular on other social media platforms. Snapchat’s short, limited video lengths keep with consumer needs for interesting content to keep their attention.
  3. Out with the old – Snapchat only keeps stories for 24 hours. This makes sure all the content you see is up to date and forces brands to constantly update with fresh videos/images.
  4. Authentic – If you want to be posting relevant, up to date content then you need to post quickly. Making posts more authentic, no editing, touch ups, just the real deal.
  5. Storytime – One of the best features about Snapchat is the ability to post consecutive videos/images. This gives the ability to produce a story. Stories are a powerful marketing tool which captures emotions and draw in the audience, which draws consumers to look out for the next instalment.
  6. Fun advertising – Many users are open to advertising on Snapchat, especially if the content is engaging and interesting, it almost gets users to watch and engage with ads without realising.
  7. For the cool kids – Facebook’s average age range is around 40, social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram are drawing the younger market.
  8. Facts – Check out these awesome Snapchat facts and figuresSnapchat factsWith so many USP’s it’s not hard to see why Snapchat is so popular and with popularity makes this social media a very lucrative advertising platform.

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