As I said in my previous blogs, it’s all about videos on social media. But how do you stand out? We see more and more videos on the internet, be it low-quality comedy or a clip from the previous sports event. Social media is a sea of content, it’s hard to stand out, but I think these video types will really help your page. All these types of animation are very cost effective and can really improve your content.

01. Whiteboard Animation – This video type is where a creative story and storyboard with pictures is drawn on a whiteboard. With it’s quirky, clean look and ease to make this type of video is pretty popular at the moment. This video type gives you the ability to bring you ideas to life, whether that shows the business/ordering process or a story. With a good company, you can obtain unique, well-drawn videos which can capture the attention of your audience.

02. Motion Graphics – Are a digital version of the whiteboard. It provides 2D graphics which depict a story. This style gives more options in terms of imagery and colour, some people may prefer the flow of a motion graphic. Think about your target market, would they prefer the artistic, handmade whiteboard video, or a colourful, creative, digital video.

03. Kinetic Typography – This method is animation with text. This video type does have a similar look to motion graphics, but as it’s just text it can provide a large amount of information in an easy to view way. It can make a boring blog or social media post more fun and engaging with your audience.

04. Cutout animation – A technique for producing stop-animations by using flat characters, props and backgrounds. We see this with shows like Sout Park which uses this method to it’s full (Expensive) potential. From a business point of view this way to advertise can really stand out, we say this about a lot of videos, but this is the point of this blog.

05. Video Animation – This is probably one of the most expensive out of the options but you get a good return. It provides a freer animation, more options in general to use the full force of your imagination. Being able to make the characters more animated helps bring more emotion in the video, which then connects them closer to the video or story.

Perky Conclusion

I’ve given you a few examples to help you spark your imagination, there are many other types of video which can provide a wide variety of content in a unique way. If you have the time, be the creator! I have no knowledge of video editing/creating but I am in the process of making a basic imovie which will provide information in an interesting, fun way to my followers. All I am using is stock video, photoshop to create simple text graphics and YouTube tutorials to make it stand out. Just use your imagination, you can provide awesome stuff with it. 

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