Back in the Day

When I was a young teenager my favourite social media outlet was Bebo, remember that? It was a good way to express yourself and communicate with your friends/ people in your school. Along with MSN you could keep in the loop and keep in contact with everyone, which is a big part of a teenagers life, then and today. As I got to the 16ish stage Bebo was dropping out, this new thing called Facebook started to take over. Facebook was this fresh, modern, user-friendly site made Bebo look childish and obsolete. I could never get into MySpace but that deserves a shoutout as that did become very popular in its day. Facebook eventually did a very Facebook thing and take market share away from these sites, rendering them obsolete. Twitter came about for me as an older teenager, say 18 and since then it’s taken over to the point where I’m managing clients’ pages, you could say I’m on it a lot.

Teenagers of Today

The range of social media channels has grown dramatically since my time, with new sites popping up and current sites updating with great features to keep you interested. But what social media sites do teenagers use now? Here’re a couple of the big boys:

Snapchat – Easy to use, quick, interesting, just some of the words to describe the app. Sending pictures to your friends while conversing just makes it a more fun and an appealing way instagram teenagersto keep in touch, while the image expiration keeps the conversation private. Snapchat stories also allow you to publish real-time events in your life, so a wider range of friends can see if you wish.  This social media just keeps growing in popularity in this market, with this current momentum it’s hard to see this growth slowing down anytime soon.

Instagram – A more conventional social media than Snapchat as it has the social media wall. Taking photo’s is a popular hobby for teens and with Instagrams famous filters anyone can edit their selfie or scenery to make it look amazing. Facebook bought this app for a reason and it’s the fact that it reaches a much younger demographic.

These are just the big 2, but there’re many popular apps which come under the social app umbrella such as WhatsApp. Teens are more interested in viewing pictures and videos rather than text-focused media, combine that with an app and it’s a social media winner. These apps come above the usual like Facebook and Twitter because they’re more a text-based platform, but what does Facebook care, they have a large part of the market with the Facebook/Instagram combination.



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