So, Donald Trump, a lot of people love him and a lot loath him. But how has this republican candidate underdog won the republican candidacy? There are a lot or reasons but a big one is his social media presence, at last count he had 8,069,399 FOLLOWERS on twitter and 7,662,600 on Facebookwhich is growing every day. But what social media tools has he used?  

Instagram – Trump and his team have used Instagram to their advantage. Posting pictures of their rallies, voting stats and most importantly videos which give a brief outline on his policies. These videos are like mini tv campaign advertisements which are free to post and with over a million followers, produce mass viewership.

Twitter – He is a very skilled live tweeter, Trump has been live tweeting his events, tv shows and even democratic rally’s, as we know live tweeting is a great opportunity to engage with a large audience. #AskTrump got a lot of stick (as so many Twitter Q&A’s do) but the widespread use of this hashtag gained him a lot of coverage, not just through Twitter but through other media outlets.

Memeable – Posts of various pictures or jokes about Trump may be giving us all a good laugh but there aren’t many people who can say they haven’t heard of him. Think, if we are seeing posts in the UK about the guy, how much coverage is he getting in the US? As they say, bad publicity is good publicity. This is one of the most unusual of all the social media tools but it works.

He’s Hipster – Well not really but Trump hasn’t really used the mainstream media to get to this position, using various social media channels to post his policies and controversial opinions. This isn’t only a modern way to do things but has also saved this billionaire millions in TV advertisements.

Fan man – His posts aren’t always about politics, he posts about his family, celebrities, pop-culture and gossip. This may seem a bit out of character for a person/brand who wants to be president, but this makes him seem more human. Which is what we don’t get politicians. Hence this unusual win for candidacy.

Down with the kids – Using these new age tactics to gain a following has made him more accessible to the younger generation of voters. Where other politicians have alienated this generation of voters, Trump has found a way to engage through the medium of social media.



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