Twitter is my favourite and most social media marketers preferred channel. The ability to reach a wide range of customers or join a national/worldwide conversation for virtually free is great for marketers. But the trouble with that sentence for Twitter is that it’s free. The fact that we can reach a wide range of audiences or a specific market for free is hampering Twitter in terms of stocks. Just recently Snapchat took over Twitter in daily users,  but why’s Twitter been in decline? What is it doing or can be done to rectify this?


So people are leaving Twitter from your average joes to the big time celebrities. But have you noticed the particular decline in these celebrities? When Twitter boomed, the niche which attracted plenty of consumers was the fact you can follow your favourite celebrities, see their day to day lives, opinions and interact with them.  Now these celebrities are either leaving twitter completely or are slowly reducing their activity. A big reason why? Trolls/ Twitter abuse. There’s no reason to stay active on a platform where 80% of your notifications are abuse or complaints, hence why the decline. But FINALLY! Twitter announced a bigger and better mute, allowing users to block keywords, phrases, and even entire conversations. This is a long time coming and it doesn’t fully stop the decline, but it’s great to see Twitter making these steps to improve the service for all users. Maybe it’s too late though? We hope not as the engagement factor is what allows Twitter to stand above the competition.

Live Streaming

Twitter/ Periscope has had live streaming for around as long as Facebook has had live. But what have they really done with it? Facebook has launched a big advertising campaign for live, encouraging users to participate in this service. Twitter hasn’t really utilised their live aspect at all, very little people use it in comparison and it’s not advertised at all for potential users. The only big thing they have is the NFL deal which does show potential for future streaming of other sporting events, the Melbourne cup showed us this a few months ago. This could be an exciting prospect if Twitter gets on this potential and beats rivals like Facebook or Youtube to it. Twitter is known for its current events, with tweets posting in seconds to reach anyone in the world. Combine that with live streaming and you have Twitter as “the place” to watch and be involved with any world event.

Perky idea – So you have live streaming of games such as NFL but what about streaming from a first person perspective. Many people do this but it’s shut down by the streaming service and organisers. I think a stream of say a football game from the stands would be highly popular. Showing the game as you hear and see the atmosphere of the crowd, as you immerse yourself in a game experience, as though you were there yourself. Yes the production compared to Sky Sports wouldn’t be as great but the ability to stream, live the experience from anywhere and tweet about it would be a big draw.

Twitter Ads

If you’re a marketer or a general user of Twitter then you’ve probably noticed it’s not a cheap advertising platform. The cost per engagement is a lot higher if you compare it to Facebook and from my experience for a lower return. Plus the demographic targeting is nowhere near the level of Facebook. This is probably due to the model style as Facebook requires more personal information (location, interests age.) Twitter doesn’t require this information and people are more likely to put false info or very little on their profile. This is a major factor in targeting, without this information Twitter isn’t able to reach the level of targeting which has helped make Facebook the social media giant. One more thing! The layout and usability of Twitter ads are poor, someone with little experience of the platform or social media in general would struggle. Compare it with Facebook who has a very easy advertising interface, they make it easy for anyone to boost a post, post an ad, with options to suit what you’re looking for (Example below.)

Facebook ads

I could go on forever but I’ll leave you with those few points. I really want Twitter to grow, instead of decline. I just feel they don’t do enough sometimes to really make an impact in social media. I’m afraid they rode the wave of success for too long, leaving it late to make the changes or updates it needs to stay relevant. I hope I’m wrong, 2017 could be a big year for the company.

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