Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. But what is Instagram? Why is there so much hype?

So let us start with what is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network which allows users to post videos/photos which can then be viewed by followers or anyone around the world. Those followers can then like your image to demonstrate admiration for the picture.

But why is it so popular? 

It’s Visual – We love to consume information in image form, it’s fast, easy and appealing to look at. Making it a fun way for your friends/followers to see life through your eyes.

Professional photographer over here – All you need is a phone, with a camera and a sick Instagram filter, your images will then look like you work for the Daily Bugle. (Sorry, nerdy reference)

Social Being – Followers can like your pictures and with hashtags, it makes it easy to look up what other people are posting. Creating new connections and followers

Bet you look good on the insta – Instagram filters and edits can make any of your photos look awesome. That drunk picture with your friends can be easily edited so you can all look like David Beckham.

All the fun – Instagram is fun, posting pictures on a regular basis can be quite addictive. But when you look back on you page it gives you a visual diary and you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Vanity – Getting many likes on a selfie is good for anyone’s confidence. Who doesn’t want a little ego boost now and then?

It’s FREE – One of the biggest reasons is that it’s free to use. Download it, type in a few details and POW, you have an account.

There are many USP’s to Instagram which is why it’s so popular, tied in with the ease of use has made it a big player in the social media world. Now, the questions you’re asking are:

How can I use Instagram for my business? How can I get more Instagram followers? How can I get more Instagram likes? If you are then check out our article on Instagram for Business.

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