So live streaming, we’ve all heard of it and maybe know how to do it.  Periscope is growing at a strong pace and we are all seeing live streaming on Facebook more and more, the point is that it’s growing and you need to get on the bandwagon. But do you know why we need it? Or how to exploit this medium? Maybe you do, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Get involved before it’s too late – Live streaming is currently an untapped market. Some larger brands are starting to use but not many. The best time to start is NOW. Beat the big brands to it, post original content and master the art of live streaming before someone with more money does it.

Faster than the speed of light – Real-time response is what social media is big on. Send a question on Twitter and wait while that brand responds within an hour (Asos is very good at this). But anyway, live streaming increases your response time to seconds, giving people in our inpatient world an answer in real time.

Woah a person – One of the biggest things I’m passionate about is building a relationship with customers. Giving a brand a personality, a face, the power to engage builds a better relationship, as the customer is speaking to a person rather than a robot. Live streaming does exactly this.

The possibilities – So this all sounds good but how can your business use it?

  • Behind the scenes – Show backstage of an event, what your office looks like or how your product is made.
  • Live event – Film your live event and share it with a much larger audience than your 200 seat capacity room.
  • Live tutorials – Film how to videos and engage with customer questions
  • Product launch – Build up a countdown to your product launch and unleash it live across the world
  • Use your Imagination – There are so many possibilities, each brand or product can use it in different ways. The beauty of it is that if you see or think of something you think is good, then all you have to do is open the app and film.

Hello world – People who aren’t on Twitter or Facebook will be on this app, making it a great way to increase your overall social media following. It goes for other social media apps, spread yourself over various social media platforms and increase your overall following.

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