So wrestling, you may not be a big fan of the sport but you don’t have to be to appreciate the brand’s online marketing and presence. With millions of followers on various social media pages, they must be doing something right.

1. The content – The amount of fresh content their pages produce is staggering. Posting clips of matches, new stories from their website, clips from their created network shows and pictures of superstars/celebrities. The variety of interesting/fresh content seems to be endless.

WWE Online Marketing - Poll

2. Engaging – Their pages are always engaging, with polls, questions for superstars and hashtags so fans can get involved with current WWE shows. The audience responds through the hashtag which is then posted on a live feed during their shows, generating a buzz, encouraging others to join in.WWE Twitter

3. Employee participation – As well as a page which has millions of followers, each wrestler has hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of followers on their own account. Each wrestler will post interesting content via backstage, on the road or from their personal lives. The unique content is the hyping of a story, a wrestler will post or tweet about a rival wrestler to continue or start a storyline to grow the buzz.

WWE Online Marketing

4. Up to date – As well as posting new content constantly, the page and superstars are relevant with their posts. The company will post about other live sporting events as well as their own. (the Superbowl is always a good event to be involved in). Posting live happens regularly, with talking points, commentary or clips from matches e.g. The video of Shane McMahon jumping off a cell in Wrestlemania got thousands of retweets and favourites within that hour.

WWE Shane Gif

5. The fans – The fans are very vocal in the arenas and on social media. The business gains a great insight from this, using social media as free market research. This is great for the company as it can judge superstar and story performances through this medium. The business has made itself very approachable which has gained key information from the fans. This type of information is invaluable for any business.

WWE Online Marketing

6. 24/7 – All their social media accounts are posting 24/7. The company produces a constant stream of content and talking points for the fans, with live shows every day and original programmes on their streaming service . Allowing followers to be immersed in WWE constantly.

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